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Conference YOU + I = TOGETHER

9th & 10th September 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Slovenian Association of Disabled Students in cooperation of the Special Education Association of Slovenia as part of the LINK network – Learning Inclusively – Network + Know-how invite you to a conference with international participation titled You + I = Together, taking place on the 9th and 10th September 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

9th September, City Hotel, Ljubljana

Workshops focusing on the participation and role of disabled students in higher education, what are their needs and what experiences they have, how can they themselves contribute to the improvement of higher education and what they believe faculties, universities or student organizations should be doing.

10th September, University of Ljubljana

Conference with national and international presentations which will focus on transition from secondary to higher educations, procedures and practices of supporting disabled students at university and strategic plans for the future. There will be contributions form the students as well. The aim of the conference is to identify good practice and current problems so that we can make a collective efforts in improving access and quality of higher education for disabled students.

The event is open to disabled students and other interested students, special education teachers and counsellors, academic and administrative staff at universities, disability support staff and others.

Participants will include LINK Network partners and students from Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and UK.

For any information regarding the event, please contact Alenka Bera at Alenka@dsis-drustvo.si or +386 41 632 865.

Invitation (SLO & ENG)

Registration form

Please send the registration form to Alenka@dsis-drustvo.si by 25. August 2009.

Updates on the even also available on www.ahead.ie.

Erasmus LINK Network – Learning Inclusively Network + Know-how (142796-2008-IE-ERASMUS-ENW).


  • AHEAD - Association for Higher Education Access and Disability, Ireland
  • Handicap + Studie, the Netherlands
  • SKILL - National Bureau for Students with Disabilities, UK
  • Stockholm University, Sweden
  • SIHO – Steunpunt Inclusief Hoger Onderwijs, Belgium
  • DŠIS – Slovenian Association of Disabled Students, Slovenia

The aim of the project is to establish a network of organizations promoting and supporting inclusion of disabled students in higher education and research. The exchange of information, knowledge, experiences and practices is of key importance since many times disabled students are still faced with barriers and do not have equal opportunities for study. Disabled students also less likely participate in international exchange programmes, such as Erasmus and others, so international cooperation and formulation of international minimum standards of supports is necessary.

The project started in the end of 2008 and will run for three years. During the course of the project six international seminars or conferences will be held, focusing on different topics:

  1. International standards for reasonable accommodations (Ireland) – already held in Dublin, presentations and videos can be viewed or downloaded
  2. Participation and role of disabled students in making higher education more accessible (Slovenia) – workshops and conference will be held on 9th and 10th September in Ljubljana, updates on www.dsis-drustvo.si or www.ahead.ie
  3. Issues of disclosure and eligibility for student support services (UK) conference will be held in November 2009 in Manchester
  4. Individual and institutional approaches to mainstreaming of disability in higher education (Sweden)
  5. Transition from university to the labour market and world of work (the Netherlands)
  6. Evidence based approach to policy making (Belgium)

Contact person for the project is Alenka Bera at Alenka@dsis-drustvo.si.

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