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Exam Accommodations

The purpose of this section is to give an insight into the kinds of exam accommodations students disabilities are receiving to support them. The maps show the institutions in question - the top one shows what accommodations are given where and the bottom one shows the disability breakdown for those receiving accommodations in the selected institutions - the bigger the Institution marker on the map, the more students with disabilities represented. Use the filters to view specific accommodation types, disability categories or institutions. The accompanying bar charts give accommodation type and disability category breakdowns in the filtered institutions. In between the two maps you can explore the ratio of students with disabilities receiving exam accommodations/not receiving them and see the differences in this ratio for different categories of disability. Feel free to use the filters provided to interrogate the data as you wish to mine deeper into the data. Hovering over a specific point on the bar charts or maps brings up a tool tip with more information.

All copyright belongs to AHEAD. If using this data for research etc, please reference peoperly and seek permission to use graphs etc.

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Students with Disablities is shortened to 'SWD' in parts. Not all colleges responded to all sections of this survey. To see which institutions gave information where, get the full report in PDF format above.

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