Hybrid Workshops

At Building the Future we will have three hybrid workshops taking place at the end of the day from 1pm - 3pm. These workshops will be hosted by employers and will explore some of the most relevant and important topics relating to beginning your career as a disabled graduate or student.

Those who will be attending Building the Future in person will be able to view the workshops live in-person at the dedicated workshop room and those attending virtually will be able to watch these workshops streamed live. 

  • 1:00pm - How to Stand Out from the Crowd 
    • In an extremely competitive job market its vital that you showcase your best self and stand out from your competition. Join Clare Beynon and Zara Waring from Enterprise Rent A Car who will share their top tips on “How to stand out from the crowd” and be a standout candidate.

Download Slides Here - Workshop 1

  • 1.40pm - Nail that Interview
    • Know where to start, then answer those competency questions with your best experiences delivered by Ann Heelan, UDL expert, consultant and interview coach with Communications Clinic. 

Download Slides Here - Workshop 2 

  • 2.20pm - Networking effectively with LinkedIn, Online Communities and Local Events
    • Unleash your career potential with our talk on networking through LinkedIn, online communities, and local events! Unlock the power of connections, expand your horizons, and elevate your professional and personal journey. Join us to transform your network into your greatest asset! Workshop presented by Mercer Marsh Benefits. 

Download Slides Here - Workshop 3 An in-person audience of attendees in comfortable chairs waiting for the start of a workshop A presentor at the top of the room presenting their workshop to the audience with slides displayed on a large screen

A closer image of the presenter giving their networking presentation and the ISL interpreter

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