Virtual CV Clinics

What is the CV clinic?

Employers have volunteered their time to review your CV, give you feedback on the layout, the formatting, whether you can structure your CV better to make it more attractive. They will also give you honest and relevant feedback on the content of your CV and will be able to offer you advice as to how to word the content better.

You will have the chance to talk to a HR volunteer for 15 minutes about how to polish your CV and make it as relevant, clear and attractive as possible for employers. 

How will the Virtual CV Clinic work?

  • You must send in a copy of your CV when prompted by AHEAD so we can share this with the employer in advance.
  • Once you have returned your CV to us, you will then receive an email from an AHEAD staff member with your allocated time and a Zoom link. 
  • Click into the link provided to you in the email 5 minutes prior to your appointment slot. If you click into the link too early, you will be in a waiting room and only admitted to the main room at your scheduled appointment time.
  • You will be admitted into the main Zoom meeting room and welcomed by an AHEAD staff member.
  • You will then be assigned into a breakout room with the employer where they will share their feedback on your CV they would have received in advance.
  • The CV Clinic review will be 15 minutes in duration.  
  • At the end of your appointment, an AHEAD staff member will notify you that your appointment is finished and you will be removed from the meeting. 

How do I book in for the CV Clinic?

All virtual CV Clinic appointments require pre-booking at the time of purchasing your ticket.

As we have a very limited number of CV review appointments, if you do not return your CV to us within the deadline we have given to you, we will allocate the slot to someone on the waiting list. 

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