Accessibility Measures 

What to Expect at Building the Future 2024

Please find below the accessibility measures for Building The Future 2024. If you require individualised accommodations, please mention them when booking your ticket or email

  • Information Pack

Attendees will receive an information pack a week before the event. This will include information on how to get to the event, an internal map of the venue, an agenda for the day and other information relating the event. 

  • Disability Awareness Training

All employers attending the event are offered a chance to attend disability awareness training in advance. Citi volunteers are also provided with specific volunteer training and speakers are briefed on guidance on giving inclusive presentations.

  • Quiet Room 

There will be a quiet room dedicated to attendees who may require a sensory respite during the event. For more details about the Quiet Room and how to use it, please follow this link: The Quiet Room at Building the Future 2024. 

  • Accessible Building 

There is level access from the street to the building. The event is entirely on ground level with areas for seating throughout the exhibition space. Wheelchair accessible bathrooms are located near the exhibition area however, you should find a Citi volunteer to direct you to these bathrooms. 

  • Irish Sign Language Interpreters 

We have booked two ISL Interpreters for the day - however, you must inform us when booking your ticket if you wish to avail of ISL interpreters so we can schedule the interpreters accordingly. If no attendee has requested an interpreter a week prior to the event, we will cancel the interpreters to ensure that interpreters are able to provide meaningful access to the wider Deaf Community. 

  • Live-Captioning for Workshops

All workshops will have autogenerated live-captions available on screen. 

  • Individualised Supports 

Please note, individualised supports listed below must be requested when you book your ticket for the in-person event or you can email This includes but not limited to: 

  • Slides in Advance

  • Sighted Guide

  • ISL Interpreters

  • PA or Companion 

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