The LINK Network for inclusion in further and higher education



What is link?

The LINK Network is a european learning network made up of 7 organisations and educational institutions with national remits on issues related to disability and inclusive education, including transition from secondary level, further and higher education.


What does link do?

The aim of the LINK Network is to promote the full inclusion of disabled students in further and higher education, with the core objective to share knowledge and best practice in the development of inclusive teaching and learning environments in practice, across further and higher education.

The LINK Network aim is underpinned by the following shared network values:

Link Network

  • Inclusion is a right
  • Difference is valued
  • Learning is to be shared


what is the contribution of link partners?

The Network partners meet face to face and virtually up to four times a year, using focussed time to share the latest best practice in partners' regions, including changes in national policies.

Through sharing information and practice, LINK partners inspire creativity and innovation, collaborate on shared projects and developments, and directly support each other in widely promoting the LINK Network's values and culture.

The LINK Network also meets at various events and conferences organised by any of the partners, and contribute to these events through delivery in workshops, sessions and activities.



Creating Inclusive Environments in Education and Employment for People with Disabilities

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