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AT Hive - Submit an AT write up.

Have you used or are using an AT that you want to share in our Hive?

Then have a look at this page and see what is involved. The headings and sections are a useful guide for help you structure your write up. At the end of the page you can download a Word document with this template to help you with your AT Write up. Then, just email the document to Trevor.Boland@ahead.ie.

Name the Technology - website / Device / software / app / Browser Plug in / Other

Cost:Is it completely free or free for a while (free demo) or only paid.

Platforms:Is it software for windows computers or Mac computers or both?Is it an app for either Android or Apple phones or both. Is it something else like a Google or Office 365 tool?

(If you can't find the exact information, that is ok. We can find it for you.)

Most useful for:What does the technology do and how can it assist people e.g. reading, writing, organisation or something else?

Its key features are:

  • Name a main feature in the technology to grab the reader's attention.

  • Name another feature that readers would find interesting.

  • The number of features you mention depends on the technology so sometimes one is enough and others require a few points.

OurTop Tip:

Is there a another way the technology that also help a person. Maybe there is a useful tip about how to use the technology. Have you got a new way of using the tool?

Demonstration ofthe technology in Action:

Explore Youtube: for a suitable video about the technology and just copy the video link and add it to the write up here.

Video source:Credit the YouTubechannel (or even make avideo if you wish).

Website for more information:

If there is aWebsitewith more information about the tool just add it too.

Email your AT Write Up:

When you complete the AT Hive submission form (below) just email it to Trevor.Boland@ahead.ie

Download our AT Hive Template then fill it in and email it to Trevor.Boland@ahead.ie