Practical Demonstrations & the AT Hive

First we will introduce attendees to the AT Hive hub of free and paid assistive technology use guides. Erica Meslin, AHEAD Education Manager, will demonstrate the Discover AT tool which asks users 3 simple questions to generate suggestions of tools and apps that may help support them in their study or work.

Then we will move on to practical demonstrations of assistive technologies:

  • An introduction to LIGHTKEY, a word prediction and grammar correction software which can help students who have neurological, physiological, and executive functioning challenges.
  • A demonstration of MindMeister, where we will discuss how mind mapping strategies can help neurodivergent individuals who have difficulties with organisation, planning, and knowledge building.

This session will take place on Monday the 22nd of May, at 10:05am.

AT Hive

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Erica Meslin

Education Manager, AHEAD

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