Short Demos: dBud Earplugs, Scanmarker, and ReadSpeaker

dBud volume adjustable earplugs

dBud volume adjustable earplugs are an essential tool to help those who experience noise sensitivity better control their auditory environment.  

During the session, we will cover the key features and benefits of the dBud’s, as well as how they can be used to reduce the noise and help neurodivergent individuals feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed in noisy environments.  

We will also share a few case studies and success stories of several users of the dBud’s. 

Download dBud slides here.

ReadSpeaker TextAid

Text can be read aloud using a range of text-to-speech tools. Mary will take a look at what options there are and look in more detail at one solution, ReadSpeaker TextAid. This webapp reads aloud any text as well as additional literacy tools to support independent learning. 

Scanmarker Pro

During this session we will explore the practical applications and benefits of Reading and Translation Pens in an educational setting.  

James will be exploring how using multiple ways to process information can benefit pupils with dyslexia, how text and phonetic translation can aid EAL students understanding (English Additional Language). 

We will also discuss how reading pens work, how students can use Scanmarker as a translation, recording and revision device to help in every aspect of study. 

Download Scanmarker slides here.


You can watch the recording of the session below:

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