NTUTORR GenAI Champions: Tools & Tricks for Learners by Learners

The NTUTORR GenerativeAI Champions Project is a group of learners from NTUTORR institutions who are experimenting with and researching GenAI tools for learning and education. These students are specifically students with disabilities, and they are researching through that lens.

You can read more about NTUTORR on their website here.

The learners will be presenting on their progress so far in this project, and will be specifically showcasing some GenAI tools they have found to be useful, including:

  • ChatGPT free and paid (many applications)
  • Image generators (for pre-vis on film and video work)
  • Consensus (research)
  • Connected Papers (research)
  • Gamma (presentations and webpages)
  • Udio (making music for study)
  • Descript (presenting spoken word for review/editing etc.)


You can watch the recording of the session here:

Áine Cleary

Speaker Bio

Max Jones

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Matthew Maloney

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