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Issue 4

Barbara Waters

Journal Editor, AHEAD

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From the Editor

I am delighted to bring you Journal no. 4, with some great articles on practice which I hope you will find useful in your day to day work. Ann Heelan raises important current issues regarding students with mental health issues, and Gavin Murphy shares his personal experiences of getting into employment. We bring you part two of Ofiesh and Bisagno’s work on exam accommodations, with lots of practical, evidence-based suggestions. We are pleased to showcase articles by colleagues on their specialist interests, such as positive psychology and advice on language learning and students with dyslexia.

We are very excited to have completed the UDLL project and there are two articles, one from the perspective of the students and the other from project participants. Continuing the UDLL theme we have an article on practice in Sweden and a book review which reminds us of the origins and the underpinning principles of UD and higher education. Last but not least, welcome to our youngest contributor, Sile-Marie, aged 10, who gives us her review of Jacqueline Wilson’s ‘Katy’. Sile-Marie looks to be well on her way with her ambition to be an author.

I hope you enjoy a good read. Do keep sending in your ideas for articles, we really enjoy reading them. There is no need to wait - we are happy to hear from you at any time, and to offer help and advice. The initial contact is Lorraine Gallagher, With best wishes and season’s greetings!

Barbara Waters, Editor, November, 2016

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