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A Review of Inclusive Education
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Issue 8 - Winter 2018

Barbara Waters

Journal Editor, AHEAD

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We have lots of interesting articles for your Christmas reading! Starting with the student voice and measuring and engaging students, followed by some updates on inclusive education. We have some articles relating to specific impairments and end up with two very different approaches to employment!

New format
We are delighted to announce that the AHEAD Journal has moved to a new fully web-based format. The new format has many benefits for our readers and our authors. We can now harness the power of embedded multimedia to allow our authors to deliver their message in a variety of formats and to embed related content like videos, podcasts and interactive media directly into their Journal articles. Whereas before all Journal articles where contained in a single PDF file, now they all have their own individual web pages making it easy to share single articles with colleagues and friends and we’ve made it as simple as possible to post directly from the Journal to your social channels by featuring a handy share bar in the navigation pane at the side of each article. Additionally, the responsive, accessible design will fit any web browser on any device making it ideal for reading on the go or in the office. 

We hope you enjoy it. Please share your thoughts on the new format on twitter by using #AHEADjournal and tagging @aheadireland. We would love to hear what you think!

(Thanks to Dara Ryder, AHEAD Digital Media & ELearning Manager for creating this new format for us.)

Barbara Waters

Editor,  AHEAD Journal

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