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GATHER - Discovering Assistive Technology Together

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If you are AT curious, an AT user or an AT advocate then ‘GATHER’ with us for this 3 day online Assistive Technology event by AHEAD. Join us as we all discover AT possibilities together. 

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What is GATHER?

This free 3 day online event, that gathers our Assistive Technology (AT) Community in Further and Higher Education, is a space to meet online, share ideas and insights about the multifaceted topic of AT and how it is part of student success.

This is a place where staff from further and higher education can come together about Assistive technology and share experiences, insight and tips about AT. Over the three days on May 31st , June 1st and June 2nd, we will have presentations, demonstrations and discussions that will explore:  

  • How AT helps us in different ways to succeed and overcomes barriers,  

  • How we can develop AT awareness and embed AT in the education culture,  

  • Dive into the barriers and successes of AT in education  

  • A well as AT being part of an inclusive approach in the student journey. 

This is an exciting and pivotal time to talk about the power of Assistive Technology as we all have access to AT, in some form now on all our devices, in our day-to-day lives.

Who is this for?

Staff in Further and Higher Education are all welcome. Whatever your role is in education, AT can have a place for you and the work you carry out with and for students.

When is it on?

'GATHER' will happen over 3 days on May 31st , June 1st and June 2nd and  from 9.30am to 12.55pm each day (GMT).

Register for the event?

Get your 3 day ticket to GATHER so you can get access to our AT event.

Submit a presentation idea? 

Assistive Technology has many voices and we want to hear yours. There are four types of presentation submissions that we are seeking, so you can share your AT project or initiative with our AT Gathering. 

  1. Rubik's Cube - How did you do that? – 10 minute demonstrations of AT.

  1. Kodak Moment - Short and snappy presentations – 15 minutes long.

  1. Brain Aerobics - Let's get digital presentations - 30 minutes.

  2. Super 8 - an 8 minute long video about an AT topic.

Submissions Deadline: is Tuesday the 19th of April. Submissions will be reviewed and we will let people know as soon as possible.

The Submission form for the GATHER  AT event.

Email completed submission forms to events@ahead.ie.

Following review AHEAD may offer you a different format of presentation.

Suggested themes for these short and long presentations can be about: 

  • AT projects, case studies and initiatives that have been implemented across your institution or centre. 

  • Creating AT champions and using buddy/mentoring systems to support AT use. 

  • Modelling AT in your classroom to lower barriers and support student success. 

  • Research in the field of AT in tertiary education. 

  • New ways of approaching AT needs assessments. 

Submit your presentation here and we will get back to you. 

In the event. all presentations will be recorded and shared publicly under a creative commons license to promote AT use, and AHEAD reserves the right to use these videos in a range of settings e.g. for sharing on social media and inclusion as learning material within AHEAD courses. 

Please ensure your presentations are accessible and we are happy to offer guidance and support if needed.

Please Note: AHEAD is not seeking submissions from AT software companies for this event.

  The structure of each day for the 3 days

09.30 - Welcome (10 mins) 

09:40 – The 1st big AT Question.

10:00 – A short reflection

10:10 – The 2nd big AT question.

10:45 – Break Time

11:00 – AT Show and Tell - a series of AT demonstrations.

11:55 – Break Time

12:00 – The final big AT question of the day.

12:40 – AT Promise tweet

12:55 – Close


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Assistive Technology is all around us and has an intrinsic place to help us achieve and belong in education. Lets get together and gather out thoughts around this so we can be more AT aware.

Presentations will be recorded and closed captions will be available.

Any queries, please contact events@ahead.ie

Tweet us @AHEADireland using the #GatherAHEAD

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Welcome to GATHER

GATHER with us over the three days on May 31st , June 1st and June 2nd, we will have Assistive Technology presentations, demonstrations and discussions.


The core funding received by AHEAD for its further education activities on fostering inclusion is provided by SOLAS.

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