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UD Beyond the Classroom – Digital Badge (Pilot Oct-Dec 2023)

Introducing the launch of the new Universal Design Beyond the Classroom Online Digital Badge, an initiative led by UCD Access and Lifelong learning, in partnership with AHEAD.  With the success of the UDL badge primarily aimed a teaching professionals, this course targets professionals working 'beyond the classroom'. Hosted by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning, the course will provide participants with a strong practical know-how of Universal Design and how to apply it in their roles.  It will impart practical knowledge and tips to empower student engagement and support staff working beyond the classroom, to make their contribution to the student experience more flexible and accessible to all.   



The UD Beyond the Classroom course and badge is a free introductory course on Universal Design specifically created for further education and training (FET) and higher education staff who interact either directly or indirectly with students and learners beyond the reaches of the classroom setting. With the UD Beyond the Classroom badge pilot running in 2023 and an open public roll out of the course scheduled for autumn 2024, this badge will serve to inspire staff to universally design their practices, regardless of their roles, so that all students and staff can engage with their work.


AVAILAble to

 This is a closed pilot testing of the UD Beyond the Classroom badge strictly limited to 100 staff members.  This badge is strictly for staff currently working in Higher Education or Further Education and Training in the Republic of Ireland.  The badge is specifically designed for staff working in student support and engagement.   



The course is currently in the designing process.  A closed national pilot will run from October-December 2023 with 100 selected FE and HE staff. After a thorough feedback and redesign process, the badge will launch to the public in the summer of 2024.  Once in full effect, this badge will run concurrently with the UDL badge annually from October-December.   



Timeline graphic. Pilot Design: Summer '23. Closed National and Local Rollout: Autumn '23. Pilot Feedback/Redesign: Winter '23. Public Launch: Summer '24.



Please fill in the Expression of Interest Form before 5pm on September the 8th 2023. Please note that the pilot badge is available only to a select number of participants and that you are not guaranteeing your port in the pilot by filling in this form. 

UD Beyond the Classroom: Expression of Interest 

More Information:

For more information contact the UDL and UD Beyond the Classroom badge email at: udlbadge@ahead.ie 

Interested in helping us with the pilot running of the UD Beyond the Classroom badge?

Please fill in the Expression of Interest Form found here before 5pm on September 8th 2023.  Please note that the pilot badge is available only to a select number of participants and that you are not guaranteeing your spot in the pilot by filling in the Expression of Interest Form.  

Expression of Interest- Pilot Testing for UD Beyond the Classroom Badge


This badge is especially design for staff in further and higher education who work with student support and engagement beyond the classroom.  Please follow the following link for a quiz to identify which badge is suited to your work:

Which Badge Is For Me? 

Looking for the UDL Badge?

If you are a teaching professional in FET or HE, please see our UDL Badge here: Universal Design in Teaching and Learning – Open Courses

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