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How can you use ARK in your own FET/HE Institution?

Our aim in AHEAD is to offer support and guidance to the further and higher education sector, to make it easier for them to boost accessibility skills and be legally compliant. That's why we have made ARK resources freely available for FET/Higher Education institutions to use in their work. To guide you on how to effectively use these resources as part of an institution-wide approach to digital accessibility, we have created an ARK Digital Accessibility Awareness and Compliance Pack.

This pack supports senior managers and other professionals involved in raising institutional accessibility standards and compliance in Irish further and higher education centres/institutions, to effectively use the short courses and resources in ARK to support their work. If part of your role involves supporting your centre/institution to comply with laws concerning digital accessibility and equality, and/or to ensure that all staff have the knowledge and skills to support compliance and improve the learner experience, then this pack is for you. The pack contains:

  • Information on why you should seek to improve digital accessibility practices and standards
  • Information on using the free ARK short courses to build skills, support compliance, and provide a better experience for your learners
  • Links to short course files and other important material you may need to use ARK resources in your institution
  • The Terms of Use of ARK materials for these purposes

Download the ARK Digital Accessibility Awareness and Compliance Pack

If you have any questions about this pack, please contact aheadcourses@ahead.ie

Welcome to ARK

Introducing Ark – AHEAD's home for digital accessibility resources and know-how in tertiary education.


The core funding received by AHEAD for its further education activities on fostering inclusion is provided by SOLAS.

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