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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the AHEAD Start course below. If you still have questions, get in touch - we’d be happy to help.

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How long is the course?

You have approximately 7 weeks to complete the online course in your own time. It only takes 18-22 actual online hours in total to complete. Within the 7 week term you can work at your own pace and at times that suit your work schedule. There are two reflection activities and only one assignment deadline to meet. This means if your work schedule is quiet and you are really keen, you can rush ahead and complete everything in the first week, or you can (as we recommend) complete say one module per week - whatever suits you best! There are a number of webinars that take place across the term, and we encourage you to attend these and interact with the tutor and other participants. The webinars are recorded and made available for participants who may not be able to attend at the scheduled time. 

Is the course accredited?

AHEAD Start is a professional development course and although you will receive a certificate of completion from AHEAD upon completion, you will not receive a recognised qualification.

Can I start anytime?

No. The course is run once a year in a 7 week term so while you can enrol at any time, you will only have access to the course for the 7 week term period.

An online course...how does it work?

After you enrol for the AHEAD Start course, you will receive login information within 24 hours of the term start date. After that, you are free to work on the course at your own pace provided that you complete it within the 7 week term period. Aside from this the only deadlines you have to meet are to complete both reflection activities by the published deadlines and one assignment by the course end. 

Is the course marked? Are there assignments?

As mentioned earlier, there is one assignment. The assignments are not graded as such, they are simply given a complete or incomplete status by the course tutor. To receive the certificate of completion, you must have submitted the assignment to a satisfactory standard and have viewed all content by the end of term. The course tutor can follow you progress online and see which pages you have viewed and how you have scored on the end of module quizzes. These quizzes are not graded by the course tutor but confirm whether you have read the content. In addition to this, there are two very short reflection activities as part of the course. 

Is the Course Supported?

Yes. In your welcome email you will receive contact information for your assigned course tutor and technical support operator. The course tutor will liaise with you around assignments and you can send any content queries to them. You can contact technical support if you have any issues around accessing the course etc.

 What do I need to take part (system requirements)?

To run the course you require:

  • Desktop/Laptop PC (the course will work with most tablets/mobile devices but compatibility cannot be guaranteed)
  • Good internet connection (capable of streaming video from YouTube, for example)
  • Recent version of Flash Player installed
  • Recent version of a supported internet browser installed (e.g. Chrome, Firefox)
  • Some video content will require headphones/speakers


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