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Working from Home: Tips for WAM Graduates


With the impact of COVID – 19 we know that many of our graduates are now working from home. It is a very uncertain time for everyone right now but keeping motivated and connected with people can really help. WAM have put together some tips for our graduates who may be working remotely.


1. Have a Dedicated Work Station

We understand not everyone is in the position to have a dedicated workspace. If you have a desk and chair, try and have it in a space where you can be in work mode. If you were using a particular chair, mouse, key board, footrest etc. in the office, ask your employer can you take these as this is part of your reasonable accommodations. Try and only work from your dedicated area so that once you step away from the area, you are not in work mode anymore.  

TOP TIP! - Don’t forget to make sure your workstation is set up properly by using ergonomic principles. You can find more information here.

2. Keep a Routine

Routine can be really helpful to keep us in the right frame of mind to get work done. It can help to get up at your normal time, have your breakfast and get dressed into your work clothes. Keeping routine can be a bit more difficult if you have kids at home particularly as the schools are closed. These are unprecedented times don’t feel guilty for having to work while the kids are in the house. If you do need extra time during the day to spend time with the kids, speak to your line manager and discuss this with them and see what options are available to you.

3. Set a Schedule

As you are working remotely, maybe the majority of your team are as well. It is useful to have regular check-ins with your line manager and/or team to create a schedule of tasks.  It can help to write out the tasks with a breakdown of times for the day i.e., emails, check in’s, following up on meetings, set tasks etc.

TOP TIP! Remember to include breaks and your lunch in your schedule!  

4. Look after your Mental Wellbeing         

It is vitally important that we all look after out mental wellbeing during this time. It is important to maintain the social aspect of work as well. Some companies will use different software to connect with one another, like WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams. Find out from your colleagues what they are using to connect with one another and don’t just use it to talk about work! Make sure that you know who to contact in your organisation if you feel your mental health is affected and you may need help.

5. Eat Well/Stay Hydrated

Alongside looking after your mental wellbeing, try to eat well and stay hydrated. It’ll help you have energy to get work done! No better time than now to try out a few new recipes!

All staff in AHEAD, including those on the WAM team, are currently working remotely in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The best way to contact us, is through our personal work emails or through wam@ahead.ie.

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