Better Options 2021

Online Fair for Students with Disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties

What: Free 1 day online event for students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties exploring post-secondary school options in education.

Available to: Students with disabilities considering their post leaving cert educational options and and adults with disabilities considering a return to education, parents and guidance counsellors in the Republic of Ireland.

When:  Better Options 2021 will take place online via Zoom from 10.30-4pm on Saturday, November 27th with breaks throughout the day.

More information: This event is ideal for adults returning to education or for students with disabilities considering their post leaving cert educational options, parents and guidance counsellors. Attendees are able to learn about college support services, making the most of your time in college and access routes open to those with disabilities and specific learning difficulties, including how to make an application to DARE- Disability Access Route to Education. There will be information on both Further Education and Training, as well as Higher Education. There will be live Q&As where you can ask questions on DARE, accessing supports in college and any other questions you might have.

There will also be a free one to one Information Service for anyone registered for the event available on the day to be able to ask questions about their specific circumstances. Slots are limited so we recommend letting us know in advance if you would like to use the Information Service by emailing

Accessibility: Please note that there will be live captioning provided for the webinar (talks) however there will be no live captions provided for the Information Service, anyone that have any access requirements (for example ISL Interpreter) to take part in the one to one sessions must book in advance (at least 3 days before the event) in order to be fully accommodated.


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