Panel of Irish FET/HE Projects - Democratising wellbeing and accessibility supports

The panellists and their projects are as follows;

  • AHEAD ARK (Accessibility Resources and Know-How Project) - 3 short self-directed courses which provide practical resources and know-how to support a range of institutional staff to be more accessible in their roles:
  • The Web Accessibility Directive
  • AHEAD ARK Short Courses & Accessibility Resources
  • The Inclusive Learning Project in Maynooth University -  Levelling up in digital accessibility and rolling out a platform of tech and wellbeing supports to all students that were previously only available on a one-to-one, needs assessed basis. 
  • Donegal Education and Training Board (ETB) - Three key initiatives that have been successful in implementing supports for both Digital and Physical Accessibility.

    Implementing these UDL initiatives for staff and students has increased well-being by reducing anxiety;

    TEL Mentoring

    TEL Digital Hubs

    TEL Innovation Project

  • TEL Digital Hubs. Digital hub video

  • TEL Mentoring Blog
  • Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board (ETB) - Active inclusion of marginalised adult learners through supports for disabilities, learning difficulties and social and economic disadvantages informed by UDL principles. Digital integration of teaching and learning practitioners through scaleable TEL programs and Digital champions roles.

Trevor Boland

Dublin City University

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Angela Stewart

Maynooth University

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Leah Kane

Maynooth University

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Treasa McGinley

Donegal ETB

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Dipankar Biswas

Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

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