Embedding AT into Everyday Practice

  1. An exploration of in-built Microsoft apps and how they can support learners in their study and preparing for assignments. 
  2. An introduction to a framework aimed at guiding people into the world of assistive technology and how to approach AT with your learners. Assistive Technology has the power to be transformative for people so it is important to communicate effectively these possibilities of AT. From working with students with disabilities, I have found that AT is a journey and a map can support the individual to understand this AT landscape. The AT8 map provides the student with the milestone moments they can experience in the stages of their AT journey. The aim of this AT map is to empower the student to see the stages they may experience to uncover, adopt and master AT in their lives. In a nutshell, to take the student over 8 stages from awareness of AT to an AT Advocate. Technology has a powerful place for inclusion and the AT8 visualises this process for future adopters of AT.

This session will take place on Tuesday, May 23rd, at 10:55am.


Microsoft Word Accessibility Slides

AT Framework Slides

AT Framework Poster

Trevor Boland

Dublin City University

Speaker Bio

Laocín Brennan


Speaker Bio

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