Accessibility Measures

Below we detail the accessibility measures that we take for all of our virtual events as standard. If you require any accommodations, please contact

  • A Housekeeping Introduction:

All our AHEAD hosts will begin each session with a brief explanation of the accessibility measures in place for the specific event. They will also go through call etiquette.

  • Slides in Advance

All slides are made available in advance, and they are also checked for accessibility considerations in advance of being made available to the public. 

  • Speaker Training

All Speakers are provided with guidance on giving inclusive presentations

  • Live Captioning

We have live captioning at all our Power of Disability Conference.

  • ISL Interpretation 

We have ISL Interpretation at many of our Power of Disability Conference sessions, please email Laocín at for more information. 



The core funding received by AHEAD for its higher education activities is provided by the Higher Education Authority.

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