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Release of Inclusive Learning & Reasonable Accommodations Guidelines

AHEAD & the Disability Advisors Working Network (DAWN) are delighted to release the third output in the Inclusive Education Road Map series - Inclusive Learning and the Provision of Reasonable Accommodations to Students with Disabilities in Higher Education in Ireland

The Inclusive Education Road Map is a series of four outputs produced by AHEAD and DAWN which brings together two years of research on the inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education. 

Inclusive Learning and the Provision of Reasonable AccommodationsThe latest output in the series provides comprehensive guidelines on how Inclusive Learning can be implemented and outlines good practice in the provision of Reasonable Accommodations. A model for inclusive teaching, learning, and assessment is proposed with responsibilities outlined at a national, institutional, course, and Disability Service level. The model is supported by examples of good practice and case studies are taken from a range of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). This model proposes the adoption of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) supported by National Access Plans, teaching & learning policies, HEI strategic plans, and the provision of funding.

This output is accompanied by a host of useful guidelines, templates and resources for third level staff which can be found in the unique online appendices of this document. These resources are held online rather than within the document for ease of updating, and individual downloading/editing. AHEAD and DAWN hope that this document and the accompanying appendices will help ensure a more standardised approach to disability support provision across the and serve as a huge resource for both the further and higher education sector to draw on.

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Brought to you by AHEAD, DAWN and the Higher Education Authority

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