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How Learning from Home Research Highlights the Need for Flexibility and Choice

Dr Richard Healy

Research and Policy Officer, AHEAD


About the Author

Dara Ryder



About the Author

This video article will present some key findings from AHEAD's Learning from Home 2021 research report which explores the pandemic learning experiences of more than 700 further and higher education students with disabilities.

The report is a follow-up to a similar 2020 report, with a one-year-on look at how experiences had changed. The findings highlight the huge diversity of both positive and negative experiences of pandemic learning and explore students’ priorities for inclusion for post-Covid.

Through the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, AHEAD looked at how students coped with learning from home and examined their experiences of engaging with learning remotely. In particular, it looked at their engagement with teaching and support staff, how they navigated the digital learning landscape and their perceptions of the accessibility of the learning from home experience. Also explored were their preferences of learning modes and their priorities for the future. Ultimately, the research gives voice to the immensely diverse community of students with disabilities and gives us the opportunity to consider it as we plan for the future.

Video recorded as part of an AHEAD Member’s Webinar on Nov 2nd 2021.

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