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Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace - Minding Your Own Business - Download presentations here

AHEAD held a half day conference on Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace for people working in the area of human resources, corporate and social responsibility, disability, equality, diversity and staff management positions in Dublin Castle Conference Centre.

A new report by the Small Firms Association has shown that small businesses in Ireland lose 793 million euro a year through absenteeism and that stress is on of the most common cited problems on medical certificates (Small Firms Association Absenteeism Report 2008). While the importance of physical wellbeing has long been recognized by the world of work, research indicates that we have a long way to go before mental wellbeing is granted the same merit. By failing to talk about stress and mental ill health in the workplace (process) we deprive business of a sound model from which to create a work environment where mental and physical wellbeing are equally encouraged and promoted (progress). Failure to process the issue can only lead to a failure in progressing it.

Download conference presentations below:

Prof. Ivan Robertson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of business psychology company Robertson Cooper - keynote speech/presentation: Work & Mental Wellbeing.


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Creating Inclusive Environments in Education and Employment for People with Disabilities

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