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Read&Write for Google Chrome - Chrome Webstore 

Cost: Free for limited features/ One month Free trial for full features / Free if you have an Education Gmail account / Paid – Annual fee. 

Platforms: Desktop and Laptop, Add-on for Chrome Browser. 

This is the Chrome Browser version of Read&Write – a tool that can be activated in Chrome and helps you in many ways with reading and writing. 

Where do I go to add an extension to my Chrome browser? 

If you use the Chrome Browser then you can avail of an app store like site called Chrome Web Store that has a variety of Chrome browser apps that you can add to your browser. These apps will appear in the top right corner of your browser as you add them to Chrome. 

  • When you go to the Chrome Web Store you just search for ‘Read&Write’ (no space between the words).

  • Select the ‘Add to Chrome’ Button. (At some stage you may be asked to sign into your Chrome Browser using your Gmail address). 

  • Most useful for: Reading online can be a challenge for some so for some people these types of reading supports can make a substantial difference. 

Its key features:

Features are displayed when you click on the purple jigsaw icon in the top right of your browser. The Read&Write bar will appear in your browser.

  • Play Button: Reads text aloud in webpages or Google Docs so you listen instead of reading (a pause and stop button both stop the reading aloud). 

  • Text to Speech: This option allows you to have text read out loud in a webpage. Select the text and then click the ‘Text to Speech’ button. 

  • Screen Mask: Add a colour tint to your screen – explore changing different colours like blue or beige, to help you read longer and reduce eye strain. It also adds a horizontal line to help you read line by line. 

  • Dictionary: Select a word and then select the Dictionary icon in the Read&Write bar to see the definition of a word. 

  • AudioMaker: Text in a website or Google docs can be converted into an audio file. This mp3 file can give you the option to listen to your assignment/ research / study notes from your laptop or Smartphone. 

  • Translator: It can literally translate text into different languages. 

  • Screenshot Reader: A tool that allows you to draw a rectangle over an online photo of text and can scan it and read it out loud. 

  • Talk&Type: This is a dictation tool that allows you to type with your voice. Take time to try it out and get familiar with the process of typing with your voice. 

  read&Write for the chrome browser. Reads out google doc and websites.

Our Top Tips: 

This Read&Write tool is designed for Chrome and Google based tools such as Google Docs. It may have challenges with non-Google Documents.

Chrome Browser Tip: At times, Chrome browser add-ons have to be refreshed so just select the circular arrow in the top left corner of your browser. 


Demonstration of ‘Read&Write for Chrome’ in Action 


Video source: Texthelp YouTube channel

Go to the Read&Write Website for information> 

For more Advice:  

  • If you are a student in Higher Education, speak to your Assistive Technology Officer or Disability Officer /Learning Support Officer.  

  • If you are a Student in the FET/ETB then it may be possible to speak to an Educational Needs Coordinator, Learning Support Coordinator, Student Access Officer, Student Support Coordinator or a Disability Support Officer for more information about assistive technology.  

  • If you are an Employee and are interested in this technology then speak to your Disability Liaison Officer (public service) or your Line Manager to start the conversation. 

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