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ARK - Accessibility Resources and Know-How

Welcome to ARK, AHEAD's home for digital accessibility resources and know-how in tertiary education.  Accessibility is key to inclusion as it provides more equal access for students and staff to engage with institutions, their services and related educational materials. AHEAD created this platform to teach accessible practices to staff throughout tertiary education institutions.

What is ARK?

ARK is AHEAD’s online platform which provides practical resources and know-how to support a range of institutional staff to be more accessible in their roles.  ARK helps support tertiary education organisations to consider a whole of institution approach to accessibility.  It also helps tertiary institutions to meet their legal obligations and to boost accessibility compliance, providing a better learning and education experience for all. 

What does ark include? 

  • A range of free role-based short courses for educators, administrative, senior and technical staff, which can either be taken directly with AHEAD, or embedded in institutions’ internal CPD systems under a creative commons license. 

  • An introduction to key web accessibility legislation for further and higher education institutions and a legal FAQ on what the web accessibility directive means in practice. 

  • Links to lots of other valuable AHEAD and external resources to continue your accessibility journey that you can find below.

Our free Accessibility Courses - Just Self enroll.

If you are interested in developing introductory accessibility skills, raising awareness about digital inclusion, and reflecting on how to embed good digital accessibility practices across your organisation, then our free courses are available:

  1. Free Course: An Introduction to Digital Accessibility for Educators.
  2. Free Course: Digital accessibility - a Whole Institution Approach.
  3. Free Course: Developing a Web Accessibility Statement
  4. Free Course: Designing Course Layouts for Learner Success
  5. Free Course: Universal Design for Learning - Getting Started
  6. Free Course: Disability 101 - Awareness, Inclusion and Equity

When each course is completed you will automatically receive a Digital Badge and if you wish to complete the first 3 then you receive a Digital Accessibility Master Badge for your dedication to accessibility.



Our Accessibility statement for the ARK Resource can be downloaded from the below link.

ARK Accessibility and Compliance Statement



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