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Conference 2018

Title: Let’s Bring the Elephant into the Room! - Reshaping the inclusive environment in further & higher education

When: March 20th & 21st 2018

Where: Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin

You know the old phrase ‘the elephant in the room’? ...the big thing staring everyone in the face that nobody finds it easy to talk about?

As we change our focus from an add-on individual model of disability support towards a more inclusive cross-campus approach, this conference aimed to explore the challenges of this strategic move and examine best practice approaches on the institution, faculty and student support levels. How can we ensure that we manage the transition to a more inclusive campus while maintaining support services which remain an essential part of a successful college experience for many students with disabilities? How will the roles of faculty and support staff evolve to meet the demands of a universally designed learning environment? How can we ensure that non-classroom activities like social experiences, work placement and study abroad are also universally designed?

This conference aimed to bring the elephants into the room and talk about them. Videos from the 4 key elephants and a review of the key themes can be viewed below.

Elephant #1 - UDL: Whose Job Is It?

In the change to a UDL model, who does what?
Frederic Fovet (University of Prince Edward Island)

Elephant #2 - Student Resilience

As pressure on services rises, how can we promote resilience & performance?
Prof. Shane O’Mara (Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience)

Elephant #3 - Diagnostic Tools

Do we need them and should we use them?
Paddy Turner (Sheffield Hallam University and NADP)

Elephant #4 - Student Success

What is success and are we setting our students up for
Annie Hoey (Former President of the Union of Students in Ireland)

The Ringmaster: Key Themes Reviewed

Conference Schedule 

At this conference, we'll be taking a particularly close look at 4 key 'elephants' in the room. Watch the video below to find out what they are and to see the key contributors who will address them at the conference and click here to view the full schedule

Conference Promo Video

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