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Welcome to the resources  page for the National Teaching and Learning Forum digital badge on Universal Design for Learning. The content for this digital badge was created by AHEAD and UCD Access & Lifelong Learning.  These resources are not a mandatory part of this course, rather so extra material for you to explore during or after the course if you are interested.

Recommended Reading

Creating Accessible Documents

One of the 3 key principles of UDL is to provide multiple means of representation. An important factor in adhering to this principle, is to ensure that when you provide notes and other documents, they are in an accessible format that students can access, and adapt to suit their own needs. As an exmaple if you provide notes in an accessible word file, students can change the fonts, text etc. themselves and even have the documents read aloud using technology, meaning they can access multiple representations themselves from a single well designed document.

 Accessibility Resources

How to make your Word Documents Accessible:

Creating and Delivering accessible PowerPoint Presentations:

Converting your PowerPoint into a Video:

Click here to view AbilityNet's simple guide to creating accessible word documents>>

UCD Publications

Inclusive Assessment & Feedback: Universal Design Case Studies from IADT and UCD

UCD Toolkit for Inclusive Higher Education Institutions. From Vision to Practice

Universal Design for Curriculum Design - Case Studies from A Range of Disciplines

AHEAD Publications


These guidelines from the UDLL project will help you start reflecting - how do the UDL principles affect me in my context? What can and should I do when someone asks me to contribute to a universally-designed learning environment? We address a wide range of readers, with different experiences, roles, attitudes and ideas about how to address student diversity. 

CAST Resource

CAST’s Learning Designed platform

Learning Designed is the place to connect with a community of educators and resources to prepare today's learners for our fast-changing world.

Recommended Listening

The Think UDL Podcast by Lillian Nave - FE/HE focused UDL podcast - search for it wherever you get your podcasts.

The UDL in 15 Minutes Podcast by Loui Lord Nelson - covers UDL at all levels of education - search for it wherever you get your podcasts.

Other AHEAD Resources

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