Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from attendees. Hopefully this will answer most of your questions but if not, you can email for any other questions you may have. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event! 

 What does the event look like? 

If you’ve never been to Building The Future before, think of it like a graduate fair, maybe you’ve been to one in your college or university, or like the gradIreland fairs in the RDS. There will be companies hosting stands on the day with their HR staff, so it’s a great way to network and meet with the employers face to face and ask them questions about their opportunities or what it’s like to work in their company.

You might find pictures from last year's event useful to give you a sense of the day. 

 What time do I need to arrive? 

Registration opens at 9.30am and we encourage people to arrive early to make the most of the day! 

Last entry to the event is at 12:00pm. 

 How do I get there? 

Citi is ideally located in Dublin city centre which is a short walking distance from all major rail and bus networks.

Click here to view a  Google map of the venue and nearest Luas and Train Stations.

  • Luas Red Line
    • Luas travelling to "the Point"
    • Destination Stop Name: Mayor Square - NCI or George's Dock. 
    • Distance to Citi Entrance: 300 meters   
  • DART 
    • All DARTs passing through Tara Street stop there
    • Destination Stop Name: Tara Street 
    • Distance to Citi Entrance: 750 meters
  • Dublin Bus
    • Dublin Bus Routes servicing Citi: 60, 142, 151, G1, G2
    • Destination Stop Name: Docklands, CHQ
    • Destination Stop Number: 2499
    • Distance to Citi Entrance: 120 metres 
  • Busáras Bus Station 

    • Luas Red Line (As Above)
    • Pedestrian travel (walking or using a wheelchair) - Distance to Citi Entrance: 650 metres
  • Heuston Train Station
    • Luas Red Line (As Above)
    • Dublin Bus: Route 60 (Destination Stop Details As Above)
  • Connolly Train Station  
    • Pedestrian travel (walking or using a wheelchair) - Distance to Citi Entrance: 800 metres
    • Luas: Go to Busaras and get the Red Line Luas as above. 

 What happens when I get there? 

When you arrive at Citi, you will need to go to the registration desk to sign in. You’ll be given a name badge and a goodie bag which contains a map, an agenda and some of our promotional material with a bottle of water and some snacks. This bag is also useful for collecting and storing any materials you get from the employer stands, especially all the free pens! 

 What should I wear? 

As this is a careers event, where you will be meeting with HR recruitment staff from some of biggest multinational companies in Ireland, dress to impress. This means you should look professional i.e. smart casual or as if you were going to work.

If you have a mock interview, then you should dress like you are going for interview. It also shows the employer that you are serious about looking for work and want to create the right impression.

 What should I bring? 

You are advised to bring several copies your CV along on the day as there are no printing facilities. If you are interested in having your CV examined by one of our employers, register for a slot in the morning. 

 Will there be food or lunch? 

We will provide a bottle of water to each attendee on their arrival. This may be refilled using the water fountains available in the Citi Canteen. you will also get a snack bar and a bag of jelly sweets in your goodie bag on arrival. 

 How do I book in for a CV review?

If you want to get your CV checked out by an employer, make sure you bring a copy of your CV on the day which you don’t mind getting scribbled on. Go to the CV Clinic on arrival where you will be met with some of the Citi volunteers who will allocate a time to you.

All appointments are for 10 minutes and on a very strict time schedule, so please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment, there is a waiting area in the CV Clinic and you will be called to your station by one of our volunteers.

It is also very useful to also have a notepad and pen handy, where you can take notes throughout.

 What does Bingo Networking mean?

On arrival, we will give you a bingo card with different actions in each box. You use this to go up to employers and ask them about the items in the box. If you complete all boxes, return it to the AHEAD registration desk. Your bingo sheet will then be corrected and entered into a raffle where you could win €50! 

Winner of the Bingo Networking will be announced at 1:30pm before the final workshop. 

 What about accessibility? 

We have a detailed section on accessibility measures on our webpage. 

Please note, the venue is accessible, and any individual accommodations must be requested in advance.


And the biggest question we get is..... 

What do I do, or to say to Employers at their stands? 

It can be a bit daunting approaching the employer first, however, don’t be nervous or afraid. The employers are there because they are genuinely interested in meeting potential candidates to work in their company and to offer information and advice for your career.

Research the companies who will be there hosting stands listed on Employer Stands page. 

Remember don’t assume that companies whose primary sector is in a certain area are only looking for graduates from those areas. For example, if a company has a financial name, you may assume they only want people who want finance but actually these type of companies are huge and are looking for graduates in all sorts of areas, legal, engineering, IT, analysts and finance and many more.

  1. Start by introducing yourself and shake their hand.
  2. Explain what your background is in or what area you are interested in working in.
  3. Ask them some things that you have researched or what you know about the company.
  4. Ask them questions like;
    • Do you have any opportunities for graduates with a similar background to mine?
    • What do your company look for in a CV or application?
    • How many stages of the interview process are there?
    • At what stage of the year do you advertise your vacancies?
    • What is the culture like in the company?
    • Are there any opportunities to get promoted or to advance in the company after you are hired?
    • Do you offer any training programmes?
    • What type of employer resource groups do you have here? For example, is there a disability resource group in your company?
    • What do you like about working for the company
  5. If the company is taking CVs at the Building The Future, make sure you hand them a copy.
  6. Ask the person who you were speaking to if you can have their contact details or a contact email of a person to follow up with on further opportunities
  7. Ensure you thank them for their time.

Tickets to attend in-person cost €5 and last entry to the in-person event is at 12:00pm.

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