Disabled Student Voices on Professional Placement

In this keynote session Barbara Waters and Dr Vivian Rath will reflect on how to include the voice of disabled students in research. This presentation is based on a national research project being conducted by AHEAD, DAWN and supported by the HEA as part of the ‘Reasonable Accommodations and Professional Placement Project’.  Through a qualitative methodology the research brought together key stakeholders including students, staff and professional bodies. This presentation will centre around Phase 1 of the research which focused on hearing the student voice, and how students were included at the beginning, end, and had oversight of the project through the steering committee. They will  present key findings on students experiences of professional placement and reasonable accommodation provision, and the implications of those findings on student well-being. They will also outline how despite the Covid-19 pandemic they doubled the desired number of student participants by hosting interviews and focus groups in an inclusive online environment by using the principles of universal design for learning.

More information about the AHEAD ‘Reasonable Accommodations and Professional Placement Project’.

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Barbara Waters

Journal Editor, AHEAD

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Dr Vivian Rath

National Disabled Postgraduate Advisory Committee

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