Day 2 will focus on disability rights, both in Ireland and the EU. 

There will also be discussions on how to get involved in student politics within your HEI/FET, as well as how to constructively advocate for both yourself and others as a disabled person. 

11:15 AM- 12:15 PM: Student Feedback Session

This session will be a discussion with the attendees.

There will be an anonymous submission available to voice concerns, feedback or questions. We will discuss them as a group and record it to use for the next Power of Disability

Caoimhe Cronin

AHEAD- Student Engagement Officer

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12:15 PM- 13:00 PM: Knowing your Rights

Knowing your rights, led by Charles O'Mahony, will cover discrimination, reasonable accommodations and the Equal Status Acts.


Slides available here.

Dr. Charles O'Mahony

Lecturer in Law at University of Galway

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13:00 PM - 14:00 PM: Lunch Break

14:00 PM- 15:00 PM: Getting involved in Student Politics (USI)

James Curry is the current USI Vice President for Equality and Citizenship.

We will first hear how James got involved. how you can get involved and how it can help shape the future of the student experience.


Slides available here. 

James Curry

USI Vice President of Equality and Citizenship

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15:00 PM- 16:00 PM: Constructive Advocacy

Adam and Ken are both leading the way for people with Autism and ADHD in Ireland. 

They will be speaking on constructive advocacy.

What are the current issues?

What is constructive advocacy for you and what is constructive advocacy for everyone?


Slides available here. 

Mr. Adam Harris

Founder and CEO of AsIAm Irelands Autism Charity

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Mr. Ken Kilbride

CEO of ADHD Ireland

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16:00 PM- 16:45 PM: Disability Law in the EU

This talk will give a brief overview to the Role of the European Union in Promoting Disability Rights.

A “Snapshot” of EU Disability Law and Policies

Prof. Delia Ferri

Maynooth University School of Law and Criminology

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