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Into Technology

Below you'll find some tips and advice for students with disabilities seeking to enter a course/career in Information Technology.


  • Engagement is key: It is really important to attend all of your lectures and labs. This allows you to discover and explore what subject areas you like and learn about your strengths and interests.
  • Focused Learning: Develop a routine and reflect on your lectures– What are the key areas? Where are you at with understanding them? What is clear and what is not?
  • Vocabulary: Technology courses tend to contain a lot of terminology and their can be multiple terms for the same thing. It might be worthwhile to keep a log of new words/terms and their meanings to refer back to.
  • Coding: Reading paper notes reinforces learning so remember to print & sort notes into folders.  Try to understand the main aim of each programme & break them into bytesize chunks.  Stick to the exact syntax. 
  • Manage Your Time: Tech assignments can be slow and when coding, hours can pass without you realising it. Get organised - having a calendar and marking in due dates makes progress on your assignments easier.  

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Margaret Kinsella

Margaret Kinsella - Lecturer, Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown

Margaret has worked for over 15 years in ITB as a lecturer in computing and creative digital media. Her primary teaching and research interests are teaching programming, visual creativity and expression, universal design and personal development.  Margaret previously worked in Roslyn Park College further education college (part of REHAB group) for ten years teaching programming and assistive technologies and before that in industry as software developer.

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