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Creating inclusive environments in education & employment for people with disabilities.


Role of Disability Support Services

The role of Disability Support Services is to ensure that the impact of a student’s disability on their studies is as little as possible by putting in place supports enabling them to compete on a more level playing field with their non-disabled peers.

The process by which this normally occurs is:

  1. Student identifies themselves to Disability/Access service.
  2. Upon providing medical documentation verifying their disability, student is registered with the service.
  3. Disability/Access Office carries out a needs assessment with the student - a structured consultation to determine what supports the student needs to minimise the impact of their disability on their studies. The action plan resulting from this assessment is agreed upon by the Disability Office and student.
  4. Disability/Access Office applies to the Minister’s Fund for Students with Disabilities on the student’s behalf and puts in place the agreed supports. Disability/Access Office may have to liaise with other departments to put said supports in place for example academic staff and the Examinations Office.
  5. Disability/Access Office and the student keep in contact throughout the period of study to ensure levels of support are maintained.

The Disability/Access Office is also responsible for influencing college access and inclusion policies and encouraging positive changes with regard to accessibility/universal design in Teaching & Learning Practices across campus.

Creating Inclusive Environments in Education and Employment for People with Disabilities

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