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Making Your Choice

Some exchange opportunities are best determined by the country of destination due to the language spoken or your choice of accessibility; others by the type of program such as volunteering or researching or studying abroad; and others by the length of time of the program due to funding or your availability.

Students considering an Erasmus program in Ireland can currently study for up to 12 months at an international educational institution.

Click the drop downs below to help you decide what type of exchange program best fits your needs.

Choosing a country

You need to decide if you want....?

  • A place where the local people speak the same language as you do or a place where they speak a different language.
  • A place where the culture/food is similar to yours or to one which is different from yours.
  • A place where disability access is good and attitudes are progressive or a place where the experience of being there is more preferential than your independence or use of adaptive equipment.
  • A country where the climate is similar to where you currently live or one that is different and one where you are willing or medically able to adjust to a different climate.
  • Visit the Inclusive Mobility resource to see information on supports available in specific countries and a list of their institutions.

Choosing a program type

The different types of available program are:

  • Educational
    • Study at a college or university in another country.
    • Learn about another country's culture, geography and/or history.
    • Live with a family in another country.
    • Learn another language or perfect your skills in another language.
  • Volunteering
    • Work with the children, senior citizens or people with disabilities.
    • Contribute to ecological and environmental causes.
    • Assist with social and community issues.
  • Work Experience or Professional Development
    • Gain work experience at a business or non-profit organization in another country through a job or internship.
    • Teach English or other subjects as a volunteer or paid teacher.
    • Learn how to be a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.


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