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The WAM programme at AHEAD are running a free training webinar aimed at current WAM employers and potential WAM employers. 

When: Wednesday, November 24th 2021 from 11.30am - 1.00pm

What: An online session about Brain Awareness and an understanding of Neurological Conditions with a particular focus on Epilepsy

More About WAM: The WAM programme is the transition to employment initiative of AHEAD. It offers graduates with disabilities the benefit of a 6-month minimum fully paid and mentored work internships with high profile employers. WAM was established in 2005 and, to date, have placed over 500 graduates with both private and public sector employers. 

Event information 

Did you know that over 800,000 people in Ireland are living with a neurological condition, with 40,000 newly diagnosed each year?

Neurological conditions affect the brain and spinal cord. According to the World Health Organisation, neurological conditions are now the leading cause of disability worldwide and include many common conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, migraine, stroke, acquired brain injury and Parkinson’s disease as well as rare and genetic conditions.. It is estimated 1 in 3 people globally will have a neurological disorder at some point in their lifetime, with many of these conditions effecting young people or people of working age.

This Webinar will answer the question ‘What is a Neurological condition?’ as well as, introduce several areas of ‘Brain Awareness’.  This will include discussion on understanding the importance of the brain and maintaining good brain health.

This Webinar will also explore some the most common neurological conditions in Ireland and give information on how living with and treating neurological conditions can effect work life and day-to-day activities. This webinar will highlight areas where employers and colleagues can be mindful when working with someone with a neurological condition. 

This webinar will be hosted by Deirdre Moore, Senior WAM Project Officer in AHEAD with presentations from representatives of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland and Epilepsy Ireland. The webinar will wrap up with a Q&A session. 

 Speaker Information

Magdalen RogersExecutive Director, Neurological Alliance of Ireland

Magdalen holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and an MSc by research from Trinity College Dublin on quality of life and marital relationships following acquired brain injury. She has been employed in management roles in Headway and subsequently in the Health Research Board before joining the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) in 2003. Magdalen also currently serves on the board of FutureNeuro, a SFI funded research centre for epilepsy, MND and other neurological conditions and on the Board of the Dublin Neurological Institute.

The NAI brings together 30 non-profit organisations to advocate for the rights of 800,000 people in Ireland living with a neurological condition.  Founded in 2003, the NAI advocates for the development of quality services for people with neurological conditions. Their campaigns are rooted in the experience of their members and the people and families with whom they work.  They provide a united and expert voice on neurological care through research, advocacy, policy development, and education.


Geraldine Dunne, National Information Officer, Epilepsy Ireland

Geraldine has worked with people with epilepsy for over 20 years providing information and support.

Epilepsy Ireland provides services to people with epilepsy and their families, support networks and carers through support programmes through a network of 10 offices nationwide. They also offer training in employment skills within the QQI Level 5 access course, Training for Success at I.T. Sligo. Epilepsy Ireland also provides information and awareness training to professional groups, including employers, as well as engaging in awareness raising and advocacy on issues that affect its members.


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