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WORRY TREE - Shift how you view a worry.

Cost: Free – Premium feature has calendar syncing and allows review of past worries. | Platforms: App available on iOs and Android.

Many thanks to Emily Smith from UCD, an Assistive Technology Officer, who submitted this AT Write up. If you want to submit an AT Write up, just go this webpage.

Most useful for: 

Worry Tree is an app which helps to interrupt the cyclical and repetitive thinking which can often characterise periods of anxiety and worry. In the 5 minute process of inputting a worry into Worry Tree, CBT oriented question prompts allow you to shift how you view a worry, to see if it really is insurmountable, and to plan how this worry can be addressed.

Its key features are: 

  • Worry Tree is an app recommended by the NHS which allows you to work through a worry using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy questioning techniques.
  • As anxious thought patterns can often become all-consuming and cyclical, Worry Tree asks you to name the exact worry you are experiencing, and to adjust how you see it by putting together a concrete plan of action.

Our Top Tip: 

Worry Tree is a great way to take a step back and put a worry in perspective. It asks you to take 5 minutes to interrogate what is actually going on and what can be done to change it. A really handy feature is the scheduling tool which asks you to commit to a plan of action and will send reminders to send that email, or to get started on that assignment. No procrastination!

Demonstration of Worry Tree 

Video created: by Emily Smith, Assistive Technology Specialist, UCD.

Go to the Worry Tree Website> 

Further Advice on Assistive Technology:  

  • If you are a student in Higher Education, speak to your Assistive Technology Officer or Disability Officer /Learning Support Officer.  

  • If you are a Student in the FET/ETB then it may be possible to speak to an Educational Needs Coordinator, Learning Support Coordinator, Student Access Officer, Student Support Coordinator or a Disability Support Officer for more information about assistive technology.  

  • If you are an Employee and are interested in this technology then speak to your Disability Liaison Officer (public service) or your Line Manager to start the conversation. 

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