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Conference 2019 - Journey to Oz

Title: Journey to Oz -Travelling Together Towards Inclusive Education

When: March 20th & 21st 2019

Where: Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin

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In the classic story The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy leads her charges through the Land of Oz to the Emerald City seeking a hearing from the all-powerful wizard. They hope to convince the wizard to use his powers to grant them all something they believe they are missing – the scarecrow, a brain; the lion, courage; and the tin man, a heart. When the wizard turns out to be a charlatan, all seems to be lost but with Dorothy’s encouragement and support, her charges realise through the journey they have made, that they already have the traits they wished for inside of them.

Students and staff in our further and higher education system are also on significant journeys - students are travelling the road to graduation and staff are navigating the move towards mainstreamed inclusion on campus. Much like in Oz, they find that the journey itself is more important than the final destination and they find what they crave within them.

This international conference featuring over 50 different sessions, delivered by more than 70 contributors, spanning 5 continents of the world will ask:

  • How can our college services respond to an increasingly diverse student population and help them to release the potential within as they travel the yellow brick road towards graduation?
  • How can our teachers and academics, recognising the journey that they themselves are on, adapt their practice in our evolving inclusive institutions and like Dorothy, be the catalyst our diverse students need to help them realise their aspirations?
  • How do our Disability Service Staff share their knowledge, expertise and best practice with academics and wider student services to help them to ‘find their way home’ in this changing landscape?

This conference is for teaching staff, student services staff and all others in the campus infrastructure interested in an inclusive approach. If students are your concern, then there’s something here for you!


We are delighted to share with you the schedule for the AHEAD Conference 2019. The exciting draft programme for this event is spread over 2 days and features over 50 different sessions, delivered by more than 70 contributors, spanning 5 continents of the world.

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Staff from AHEAD Member Institutions* - €199 (Speakers get 20% off this price)

*Most Irish HEIs and some ETBs are members (see - ahead.ie/currentmembers)

Standard Non - Member Rate - €299 (Speakers get 20% off this price)

Speakers on the programme will receive 20% off the standard registration fees above.

5 free student places allocated through our Learner Lottery. Group rates available on request.

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