11:55 Workshop 2 - Creating an Inclusive Institution Together – UD Approaches

Please note, this session is in-person only. All content bar those labelled as workshops and posters is available both online and in-person.

The diversification of the student population has continued to grow in the last number of decades across the globe, and this can also be seen within University College Cork (UCC) where the student population continues to diversify.

This interactive workshop will demonstrate the myriad ways UCC implements UDL and UD. We will offer colleagues in FET and HE opportunities to identify opportunities for UDL and UD implementation within their own contexts. It will include bitesize sessions from a selection of staff who received mini-grants that are building awareness of UDL and accessibility within their disciplines across the university.


Learning Outcomes

Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on applicability and possible adaptation of UD approaches in their own context or institutions. 


Additional resources / further reading


Dr Laura Lee

Research Manager for CIRTL, UCC

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James Northridge

Project Manager for Inclusive UCC

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Dr Anna Santucci

Senior Lecturer for CIRTL, UCC

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