AHEAD 2023 Recordings from Day 1

Please see below the recorded sessions from Day 1 of AHEAD 2023. Captions are burnt onto the files directly or available by clicking the CC button. Sessions that have multiple presentations such as the Lightning sessions are split by chapters so that you can easily access the presentations you most want to see.

 Lightning Session 1 

  • The Crowd4Access/University of Galway footpath mapping initiative: Improving accessibility through collaborating in Citizen Science from Deirdre McHugh and Brendan Smith.
  • Inclusive LMS (Learning Management System) for students with disabilities in HE from Amin Sharifi Isaloo.
  • ‘Students with Disabilities on Placements: Guidance on the Provision of Reasonable Accommodations on Practice-based Placements in Professionally Accredited Programmes’: An Overview from Dr Vivian Rath and Barbara Waters.
  • Inclusive Higher Education through an Algerian lens: Experiences of Disability Support Staff from Fatma Bouabida.

 Lightning Session 2

  • ENGAGE – An Online Learning Programme designed by Neurodivergent Educators for Neurodivergent Learners from Claire O'Neill.
  • Assistive technology and feeling valued: Promoting inclusion for students with disabilities in higher education from Aoife McNicholl.
  • UDL in Midwifery Education: Nurturing Students’ Sense of Coherence Towards Learning from Anita Byrne.
  • Reasonable Accommodations for Disabled Staff in the Covid/Post-Covid Environment in Higher Education from Dr Vivian Rath, Dr Fiona Smith and Dr Sarah Kift.
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