AHEAD 2023 Recordings from Day 2

Please see below the recorded sessions from Day 2 of AHEAD 2023. Captions are burnt onto the files directly or available by clicking the CC button. Sessions that have multiple presentations such as the Lightning sessions are split by chapters so that you can easily access the presentations you most want to see.

 Lightning Session 1 

  •  The use of inclusive e-learning academic tools to support under-represented HEA target groups in higher education from Aislinn Ryan of NLN and Sandra Collins of Maynooth University
  • UDL: From Episodic to Systemic Change from Kate Molloy and Dr Daniel Savery of University Galway
  • The accessibility dream: An idea to future proof accessibility for staff and students Trevor Boland of Dublin City University
  • A UDL approach to reducing the effects of Glossophobia Dr Liam Morris of University Galway

 Lightning Session 2

  • Mental health crisis – support for a student and teacher from Katarzyna Jach and Elzbieta Zienkiewicz of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
  • Mentors in the Workplace: The Experiences of Mentors working with TCPID Graduates from Emer Murphy of Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Capturing The Student Voice to Effect Real Change from Siobhán Dunne and Geraldine Fitzgerald of Trinity College Dublin
  • A culture of inclusion: Reimagining the university as a place for students with intellectual disabilities from Dr Nicola Maxwell of University College Cork
  • How an institutional partnership adopted a UDL approach in delivery of a post-graduate programme in autism studies from Rachel Ferguson of Middletown Centre for Autism 
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