11:55 Workshop 2 - UDL & the social/emotional aspects of learning: embedding mental wellbeing is everyone’s business

Please note, this session is in-person only. All content bar those labelled as workshops and posters is available both online and in-person.

A whole organisation approach to embedding mental wellbeing is crucial and, we would argue, is a crucial element of UDL. This workshop will ask you to reflect on how your organisation embeds student mental wellbeing and outlines the key elements of our approach at De Montfort University.

During the pandemic De Montfort University’s Embedding Mental Wellbeing team formed a collaborative partnership between academics, academic development, student welfare staff and the Students’ Union to ensure that all students had access to embedded wellbeing support within the curriculum.

As an institution with a well established UDL policy, we realised that we needed to consider the social/emotional aspects of learning rather than simply providing improved access to individual support services. We built on existing resources and structures to create a holistic approach including: academic development and staff training; downloadable teaching resources; workshops & Masterclasses for students and a communication strategy to ensure that DMU’s staff and students were aware of what was available.

Learning Outcomes:

In this workshop we will discuss the key elements of our approach, share the resources that we developed and encourage you to reflect on your own institution’s practices in order to develop your own whole institution approach. The social and emotional aspects of teaching are key elements of UDL and a whole organisation approach to student mental wellbeing enables institutions to embed this within learning and teaching practice.

Slides - Day 1 Workshop 2_UDL and the social emotional aspects of learning embedding mental wellbeing is everyone’s business


Background Information about the UDL Social/Emotional Project

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