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Into... I Don't Know What!

Below you'll find some tips and advice for students with disabilities ensure about what college course to choose.


  • This is the first step on your career journey - ask yourself - if I was my older self advising my younger self - what would I say?
  • Look at what you are good at and enjoy learning - both inside and outside of school. And remember there are also newer topics as you move forward. 
  • Consider all options that interest you - remember to first think about what you want to do - & then think about how you will do it.
  • Be true to yourself - think about who you are & what you have to offer. Are you the person that seeks out company & chat or do you prefer to step back & listen? We all have our unique traits!
  • Focus on an area & then explore it - at open days, with friends, on the net - even Social media! Do your homework! And enjoy it! 

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Mary Quirke

Mary Quirke is a qualified Guidance Counsellor and works part-time as Business Development Director with AHEAD while engaging in her PHD studies.

Before embarking on her studies, she held the role of Assistant Director of AHEAD.

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Creating Inclusive Environments in Education and Employment for People with Disabilities

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