10:00 Student Panel: The National Disabled Postgraduate Advisory Committee: Unifying the National Disabled Postgraduate Voice

Disabled postgraduate students are under-represented in HE in Ireland, comprising 2.8% of the postgraduate population (AHEAD, 2021). This panel discussion will explore the establishment of the group, the barriers that exist to postgraduate study, and the work of the group to date.

Attendees will:

  • Hear the lived experience of disabled postgraduates in HE.
  • Understand the barriers that exist to postgraduate study for disabled students.
  • Be introduced to a set of recommendations for developing a more inclusive postgraduate pathways for disabled students.

Slides for Student Panel, Day 1

Dr Vivian Rath

National Disabled Postgraduate Advisory Committee

Speaker Bio

Dr Patricia McCarthy

Associate Research Fellow. Trinity College Dublin

Speaker Bio

Catherine Gallagher

Dublin City University

Speaker Bio

Amy Hassett


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Dr Teresa Shiels

University Limerick

Speaker Bio

David Loughrey

Trinity College Dublin / Dublin City University

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