10:45 Workshop 1 - Designing a UDL Curriculum Design – Creating an inclusive recipe one module at a time!

Please note, this session is in-person only. All content bar those labelled as workshops and posters is available both online and in-person.

With a view to exchange inclusive practices within the UDL Community, this workshop displays inclusive approaches to curriculum design through digital resources and examples of recent inclusive module constructs.

ATU are the 2022 John Kelly UDL Collaborative Award winners, and through their UDL Centre of Excellence we are committed to sharing best UDL practice and approaches throughout Further and Higher Education. This workshop will concentrate on elements of inclusive curriculum design. Using Mentimeter, the participants will share their collected levels of curriculum design engagement. Throughout the workshop Padlet will be used to interact with the various stages of module development allowing for participants to interact with the content and share best inclusive practice!

Additional Resources/Further Reading

ATU - UDL Framework Prize Winner Presentation - Youtube Video

Slides - Day 2 Workshop 1_ Designing a UDL Curriculum Design

Maureen Haran, PhD(c), SFHEA

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Atlantic Technological University

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