AHEAD Conference 2021

Reconnection: Placing Inclusion at the heart of online learning and support

"At its core, teaching is emotional work."

 - Dr David Rose

AHEAD’s annual international conference runs online from Tuesday 6th April to Friday 7th May 2021. The programme includes live sessions each Thursday and Friday, with pre-recorded materials available throughout. 

The conference will explore how we can provide those connections that are central to a high-quality educational experience online, and place the inclusion of staff and students at the heart of approaches to online teaching, learning and support. It will highlight innovative practice developed before and during the pandemic, and look at how whole-college, universally designed approaches to digital inclusion can provide a richer online learning experience for all students.

To capture the holistic, whole-college approach required for inclusion, the conference content has been divided into 5 weekly themes which can be explored throughout the Programme

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The core funding received by AHEAD for its higher education activities is provided by the Higher Education Authority.

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