Let’s Do Lunch?

Virtually Connected Teachers and Learners

When faced with new approaches and environments alone, obstacles to inclusion can seem insurmountable - however when we face them together, connections are built and creative solutions emerge. While the pandemic has meant that we must be more physically distant, we need to ensure that we foster rich virtual connections between staff and students to maintain wellbeing, share learning and meet the challenges of teaching, learning and living in the remote age.

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Pre-recorded Sessions and Posters

Pre-recorded Sessions and Posters

Week 5 Pre-Record 1

  1. Online Jigsaw Method for Inclusive Teaching
    Jane Brennan, Enabling Transitions Schools Facilitator, IT Tralee Siobhan Mac Garry, IT Tralee

Week 5 Pre-Record 2

  1. Adapting a Peer Mentoring Programme for the Digital World
    Suzanne McCarthy, Educational Psychologist, Rehab Group / National Learning Network Aisling Creighton, Assistant Psychologist, Rehab Group/ National Learning Network

Week 5 Pre-Record 3

  1. No Disabled Need Apply: My Journey as a Disabled, International Student in Ireland
    Lindsey Pamlanye, International Partnerships Assistant, University College Dublin.

Week 5 Pre-Record 4

  1. Hearing the Voice of Disabled Staff, PhD and Postdocs with Disabilities in Trinity College Dublin
    Dr Vivian Rath, National Disabled Postgraduate Advisory Committee Dr Patricia McCarthy, Associate Research Fellow. Trinity College Dublin Dr Clodagh Brook, Associate Vice Provost for EDI and Associate Professor of Italian, Trinity College Dublin.

Week 5 Pre-Record 5

  1. Dutch National Network Student Welfare
    Joyce Van der Wegen, CINIOP Judith Jansen,

Week 5 Poster 1

  1. UDL, Coffee, Chats, and Knowledge Nibbles Building a Virtual UDL Social Network
    Cathy O' Kelly, Institute of Technology, Sligo Mairead McCann, Path 4 Project Lead, Atlantic Technological University (ATU)

Week 5 Poster 2

  1. The NICE Programme: Your Roadmap to Starting a Virtual Exchange
    Lindsey Pamlanye, International Partnerships Assistant, University College Dublin. Anna Creery, University of Edinburgh

Week 5 Poster 3

  1. Face-to-Face and Online Networks: Diverse doctoral candidates’ experiences?
    Maeve O' Regan, PhD researcher Trinity College Dublin

Thursday 6 May

Thursday 6 May

15.00-16.00 - Week 5 Keynote (Live and Recorded)

  1. The Age of Engagement, Inclusion and Identity: Rethinking Inclusion After the Pandemic
    Professor Andrew Hargreaves, Director of Chenine (Change, Engagement and Innovation in Education), University of Ottawa & Research Professor, Boston College

16.00 to 16.30 Reconnection Space (Live Only)

  1. A meeting space to join for unstructured networking and chat with other conference participants. Meet new colleagues and build your inclusive community

Friday 7 May

Friday 7 May

14:00-15:20 - Parallel 1: Workshop (Live Only)

  1. Communities of Practice - What are They and Where do I Start?
    Carrie Archer, City of Dublin Education and Training Board

14:00-15:20 - Parallel 2: Themed Presentations (Live and Recorded)

  1. Lunchtime Learning and Building an Online UDL Community at NUI Galway
    Jane Ennis, National University of Ireland, Galway Kate Molloy, National University of Ireland, Galway Dr Daniel Savery, National University of Ireland, Galway
  2. Using Minecraft to Help Students with Autism Transition into University
    Clare Squires, De Montfort University
  3. Promoting Inclusive Learning: Communities of Practice, Accessibility and a UDL driven Lens
    Thomas O Shaughnessy, University of Limerick

15.30-16.30 Weekly Close and Reflection (Live Only)

  1. A facilitated dialogue on the Week 5 conference theme and a space to discuss the issues and questions raised.
    Dr Marian McCarthy, Vice President Emerita Teaching and Learning, University College Cork Dr Vivian Rath, National Disabled Postgraduate Advisory Committee


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