Live Keynote 5

The Age of Engagement, Inclusion and Identity: Rethinking Inclusion After the Pandemic

Duration: 1 Hour, beginning at 15.00 

Platform: Zoom

Andy Hargreaves understands all about inclusion. He is jointly undertaking a developmental evaluation of Nova Scotia’s inclusion strategy in a Canadian province with many cultures and identities. Between 2014-18, he was an adviser to the Premier of Ontario on the province’s education reform strategy of broad excellence, wellbeing, and equity through inclusion of all students and identities. He also studied what these policies looked like in practice in a seventh of the province’s school districts. And in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, he has helped five states design a network for isolated rural schools to support each other in their efforts to increase student engagement. 

Engagement, inclusion and identity are the new frontiers of educational achievement. In this presentation, Professor Hargreaves draws on his extensive experience as a researcher and change-maker all over the world, to point the best ways forward for increasing engagement, ensuring inclusion, and addressing complex identities in our schools today. 

Professor Andrew Hargreaves

Director of Chenine (Change, Engagement and Innovation in Education), University of Ottawa & Research Professor, Boston College

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